PatchUp DryWall Repair

Patchup Drywall Repair

A quick and ideal wall repair solution for home, office, or shop. The  self-adhesive  backing  makes  applying  the  patch  very easy and  provides  a  strong,  durable  and  clean  repair.  Available  in  three  different sizes to fit your needs and is easy to trim to accommodate for  smaller  projects.   Fix  holes  of  any   shape   mess-free.  Also available in kit with  spatula, spackling, and sander.
24 Patches per Pack

Available Sizes: 4”x 4”  |  6”x 6”  |  8”x 8”
Pallet Qty: 4”x 4” – 672 Packs | 6”x 6” – 390 Packs | 8”x 8” – 280 Packs
24 Patches per Pack
Extension Poles

Threaded Wooden Extension Pole

48” or 72” Length – 15/16” Diameter – Natural Wood – Wooden
extension pole features a standard METAL or HARD RESIN based threaded tip to screw easily into any threaded tools including paint rollers, broom heads, pole sanders, and scrapers.

Pallet Qty: 3,000 Units

Metal Paint Roller Grid for 5 Gallon Cans

Metal Paint Roller Grid for 5 Gallon Cans

4-sided  steel  frame  makes  for  a  rigid, heavy duty construction. Reduce  mess  by  painting  straight  form the bucket. Resistant to rust  and  easy to set up.  Eliminate  the need for other equipment such as liners and paint trays.
Pallet Qty: 1,500 Units