Take the option of Lower Operating Costs

For customers looking to manufacture their products in Mexico to take advantage of lower operating costs, IAM Industries provides shelter services. In conjunction with our modern, secure facility in Matamoros Tamaulipas Mexico, IAM Industries provides a comprehensive range of options from basic manufacturing through to full-process, operational “turn-key” services, including:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Payroll and Benefits Administration
  • Mexico Import and Export Management Services
  • Mexican Tax Compliance Management
  • Environmental and Industrial Safety Compliance
  • Transportation Management
  • Documentation to comply with NAFTA regulations
  • Local, State and Federal Government Liaison (permits and licenses)

Taking advantage of shelter services allows our customers to initiate and maintain complete control over their manufacturing while minimizing the risk and expense associated with starting up a manufacturing company in Mexico.  Partnering with IAM Industries experienced professionals to handle many specialized details associated with conducting business in Mexico provides the support and guidance required for a successful business venture.

How The Program Works



Feasibility Analysis
– A comprehensive financial analysis is created to assess feasibility
Financial Modeling
– Depicts whether moving operations to Mexico makes sense. Shows initial expenses, probable future profits and savings.
– Enough time is spent with each prospect client to ensure working together makes sense for both parties.



Develop Timeline
– Identify project requirements and complete online project management tool
– Meet with all functional area managers for NAPS software training and resource allocation
– Begin tenant improvements, secure all permits/licenses, hire labor, import all equipment and initial raw materials, finalize overall logistics



IAM Industries: Accountability and Service Oriented
– Adheres to client needs; flexible & detail oriented; Offers continuous governmental, corporate, environmental and customs compliance services; Recruits, hires and manages direct and indirect labor, based on job descriptions submitted by client.
Client: Production Focused
– Manages production and quality control; Provides all raw materials and equipment; Makes final hiring decision for all personnel.

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